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What Is The Future Of Solar Energy In The US?

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No doubt that solar power is a booming trend now. But how fast is it going viral?  What can we expect to happen in the US in the near future and beyond?


Solar energy has become a major player in the US economy. The last decade alone has experienced a mind-blowing rapid growth in not only the number of installed solar panels but the number of people working in the solar industry has doubled since 2010.

Solar energy of course is not a new thing, it has been around for quite some time, but it is finally becoming more main stream. It is no longer unique or unusual to see a rooftop with solar panels or large solar farms. Solar Power Is Not only for people who are seeking a sustainable, green, and healthy lifestyle, but people are installing solar panels today as a form of investment too.

It is important to point out that although California has traditionally been the leader in the field, we have seen steady growth in the number of installed solar panel units across the United States.


It doesn’t take more than a quick search online to see where this massive trend is headed.  Type in the word “solar panels” on virtually any platform and you will see a plethora of information about solar panels . But how can we predict what is going to happen in the future?

 Back in 2015, MIT published an extensive, 365-page study on the future of solar energy. According to the study, “Solar electricity generation is one of the very few low-carbon energy technologies with the potential to grow to a very large scale.”  Their study predicts the development of solar technology through the year 2050.  Beyond that, it’s nearly impossible to give accurate predictions since technological advancements or market trends can change so drastically in a matter of 2 to 5 years. 

The researchers at MIT believe that solar energy has the potential to generate multi-terawatt scale power. In comparison, today’s largest solar farm has a 550-megawatt capacity. Although we have not achieved multi-terawatt  to date, this is a clear sign of the growth potential of solar energy.

The juxtaposition of solar energy prices and the number of solar installations says it all. It shows that the momentum in the solar industry is huge and that the advancement is not likely to stop anytime soon.

And this is with the technologies we have today! New technological breakthroughs happen every day and it can be expected that solar panels will continue to be even more efficient, cheaper, and simpler to produce. It is a multidisciplinary field that includes material improvements, production optimization, use of light concentration techniques, and more. Talented researchers and engineers across the globe are working hard on improving the technologies we have today and if we have learned anything, it is that in this century technological advancements are swift and agile.

So, you want to get on board the solar train?

With all the promising information, more and more people decide to invest in solar energy. With the environmental impact being an important motive, there is an additional incentive in the form of lower electric bills and the possibility to earn a little extra cash.

Whether you have decided to install rooftop solar panels, or you would just like to consult with a professional, make sure you reach out to experts who have experience and knowledge of the industry.

Although the costs of rooftop solar panels have plummeted in recent years, it is still a big investment and the best way to make sure everything goes smoothly is to consult with people who know what they are doing.

Its common knowledge that solar energy is good for the environment. But is it possible to maximize solar usage not just for the earth, but also for your wallet? As solar energy becomes increasingly affordable, the financial incentives that come along with installing solar panels are just as persuasive as the green incentives.

There’s a reason why almost 2 million US homes and businesses have made the choice to switch to solar energy — it’s because solar panels are a smart investment that saves homeowners much more than what it costs to install them. Why waste the environment and your money when the earth is hit with over 8 million quads (1 quad = 1,000,000,000,000,000 BTU) of clean, renewable solar energy every year?

It is possible to be environmentally responsible while also being responsible with your finances. By installing residential solar panels, you can get the most energy for your home by spending the least amount of money on utility bills. Find out more about the financial benefits of solar energy by contacting Green Day Power today and get a free quote.



Written by: Laila Elazhary

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