Tired of PG&E? Take Control of Your Power!

Northern Californians are stuck – left to the wiles of PG&E. And, with no other option for a power
company, residents are left without power for days on end and increasing rates on each power bill.
Not just homeowners, but schools, businesses, grocery stores…people of all ages are not just losing
precious work hours and educational time, but food; hundreds of thousands of dollars of food, in
the case of a local Jackson grocery store over a 2-day period. Others yet were left without
internet and a way to call emergency services, and even water. “Right now, it’s not if they will
turn the power off it’s when,” Green Day Power Sales Vice President Rick Jackson reinforced.

With these many recent wind-related PG&E power outages affcting hundreds of thousands of Northern California residents, it may be time to look for an alternative power source; what better way than to harness a source of clean energy, by installing solar? Green Day Power, a reputable,
family-owned home energy company, offers clean, sustainable energy solutions and roofing services
(with over 20 years’ experience) saving homeowners across California thousands of dollars after
their switch to renewable energy. “I got into the solar industry because power is a necessity, not
a luxury; solar is a necessity, it is clean, needed power,” Green Day Power CEO Seth Devey said.
“People need power, whether it’s a young couple or an elderly gentleman, everyone needs power.”

Green Day Power (GDP) Sales Operations Manager Todd Daley fell in love with the Foothills while managing the Regal Cinema Jackson movie theater for eight years, joining GDP soon after. Todd noticed how few Amador County residents have invested in solar, and after they saw the savings they would be keeping in their pocket, helped them make the switch.

Daley has since integrated and overseen the installment of solar electrical systems money-saving
solar plans for many members of the Amador Chamber of Commerce, City Council members and Amador County Supervisors, along with members of the community. “When you switch to solar, you save energy and money, and it is green, clean and sustainable,” Daley explained. “You can save so much money off your bill every month, and down the road, by switching to renewable solar energy. Especially now, with the PG&E power outages ffecting so many. Now is the time to invest in solar: the 30% Federal Tax Credit will be reduced to 26% next year and down to 0% by 2022.”

Soon, you will see solar panels on new homes statewide, as the step towards a greener future has
been taken by the Building Standards Commission. With California’s Solar Mandate, which will take effect in 2020, new homes will be required to include a solar electric system sized to ffset the
home’s electricity usage. “I am the other option, the alternative to PG&E,” Todd continued. “You basically become your own power company by installing solar. How it works is your home is evaluated and a plan is worked out, we build the panels and install them. Then we turn them on and your system produces the power you need from the sun – it’s a simple as that. Of course, each individual situation varies, and we have options…we do have a Solar For Life program where your payment will stay the same and there will be no increases, and you will have a lower bill on average. And with the Green Day Power Solar Forever Program; if anything on your system breaks, and it can be fixed, we’ll fix it for free, you have a 25- year bumper to bumper warranty.”

“If switching to solar could save you thousands over a 20-year period, why wouldn’t you want to
make the switch? You’re making a choice – to pay more or pay less,” Jackson added. “Most solar jobs by Green Day Power are completed in under 30 days, versus the average company who install projects in 90-120 days or longer. In addition to solar, we offer roofing, windows, generators, and more. With us, everything is done in-house, we have a great team that does everything from design to installing. Our goal is to change the industry – a lot of solar companies sell, but don’t do the installation or back up what they sell; we sell it and install it. The buck stops with us, we want
to be your solar guys for life.”

“I think that it is really important to have that connection with clients. That is what makes us
different – I make my clients part of my family, I mean, I send them a Christmas card every year,”
Daley commented. “I have met such incredible people who have become lifelong friends, and they’re not just a number, I make sure they have the experience that they deserve. I give them the best customer service because it’s important to me, I do care about each client.”

For more information about switching to renewable solar energy, for a free solar quote or to learn
more about Green Day Power, visit their website at greendaypower.com or call Green Day Power Sales Operations Manager Todd Daley directly at 707-483-9421…just say Dave and Sarah sent you!

~ Contributed by Sarah Spinetta

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