Forever Solar Program

​With the Green Day Power Forever Solar program, if you purchase your system from us and anything breaks, and it can be fixed, we’ll fix it free forever.


Tell me more about the Forever Solar Program

You’ll be forever confident with the best warranties in the industry and you’ll be working with forever experts in both solar and roofing. 

There’s a cost to waiting

You could pay up to 74% more for your solar system. The 30% Federal Tax Credit has been reduced to 26% and next year, 2021, it will go down to 22%. By 2022, it will be gone for residential solar. While you wait, your utility bill will continue to rise. So now is the time to invest in solar energy.

Is your home right for solar?

Does your roof have unique angles? Are some trees casting shade and you’re wondering if that’s bad? Curious how solar works in winter? What size do I need? How about how much money will I save and how much does it cost to invest in solar energy?

Who's on your roof?

Make sure any solar company you choose has a roofing license. Just walking on your roof can cause damage, so you need an expert. We train our installers in every facet of roofing and solar installation and we never use subcontractors. Everyone working on your home is an employee of Green Day Power. Experts only on your roof!

What's on your roof?

The most noticeable component of a residential solar electrical system are the solar panels, which are available in a variety of styles, as well as an Iron Ridge Rack System, and individual optimizers for each panel. 

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