Is it Worth Installing Solar Panels?

Worker Mounting Solar Panels For Renewable Energy On Houses Roof

In an era where solar is becoming increasingly affordable, there are homeowners who still hesitate to go solar.  The question that’s still on many homeowners’ minds is; are solar panels really worth it?

I was in an appointment recently where I explained how solar works and showed them how it would save them money vs not going solar and continue to pay the utility company.  They would be saving over $90,000 during the course of 25 years and their monthly payments on the solar panels would be about $35 less per month than their current payments to the utility company in their first year.  Subsequently, those savings each month would go up significantly as the utility cost continues to increase.  Yet when it came time to make a decision the homeowner asked me, what’s the catch?

I think one of the primary reason’s homeowners get stuck on making the decision to go solar is because they don’t really believe it will do what we say it will. Too many people are secure with believing the ageless mantra; It sounds too good to be true. Being in the business as a contractor for over 20 years, I’ve also seen many horror stories from homeowners who got taken advantage of and I think this deters many people as well.  This particular homeowner had one of his neighbors who was happy, and another who was not so he was concerned making the wrong decision.

Unfortunately, there have been and still are many companies who aren’t completely honest with homeowners, especially in the solar market. The industry is full of independent dealer reps who sell solar and then “farm” the work out to the cheapest bidder. When this happens, nobody takes ownership of the project. Who takes care of the customer? The answer is usually nobody!

There’s no perfect solution, but if you do your due diligence and choose a licensed and insured contractor who has a lot of positive reviews, your chances are much higher to get a good project that performs the way it was meant too. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to avoid chasing the lowest price bid. This usually ends up increasing your chances of finding a bad contractor and statistics show that this is the case in 80% of the millions of complaints with the BBB.  In fact, you most likely will end up spending far more over the long term because of faulty work when you just choose the lowest price.  Of course, you have to compare apples to apples and ensure that you are comparing similar quality product and service.  One of the ways to measure the value of a company is by their warranties, both on product and on workmanship.  If they are standing behind their work, then doesn’t it makes sense to spend a few hundred or even a couple thousand dollars more for that peace of mind? 

The common law of business balance is that if you seek the lowest price bidder, you are that person’s lawful prey. It’s impossible to pay a little and get a lot. Many times, the thing you bought is not actually capable of doing the thing it was bought to do. We see this across many industries such as automobile, electronics and furniture, yet somehow we forget to apply this concept to solar.  Always remember “quality determines value and value determines the price.” The price difference for a good system and the cheapest price is usually less than two thousand dollars, which is a small amount when you consider the average homeowner will potentially save about a hundred thousand dollars over the next 25 years. 

This particular homeowner ended up deciding to go solar and in just a few weeks will be enjoying their system, worry free because they chose a company who not only carries the best products, but stands behind their work with a Solar Forever warranty. 

If you’re a California homeowner and you’re still on the fence with solar, take a look at Green Day Power.  Green Day Power stands behind their work 100% which can be seen with our 5 star reviews and happy customers.  We do all our work in house, hiring and training only the best experts in the industry.  Green Day Power is the best solution for your solar and home improvement needs. Our promise is to take care of our customers, no questions asked. We stand behind everything we do. We go above and beyond written warranties. If you want a project done right the first time, choose Green Day Power. We are very transparent in our sales process. We will make sure you’re understand what you’re getting. We will be the first ones to let you know if our service won’t work for you. Our business grows through happy customers and lots of referrals. 

Rick Jackson

VP Sales, Green Day Power

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