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How To Choose A Solar Installer In 3 Steps?

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Making the switch to photovoltaic (PV) solar power is a big change – an investment both financially and for the future. More people are doing it because they recognize solar power’s unique ability to save money long-term and lessen their household’s impact on the environment. Choosing a solar installer can be the most challenging part of your solar buying process. That is why it is important to thoroughly examine providers to find the right one for your needs. But how do you choose from the many of solar providers? If you are feeling overwhelmed, follow this helpful guide to find the right solar provider for you.

STEP 1: Compile a list of available solar providers near you.

Include both small, local businesses and national companies that service your state.

What to look for in a solar installer?

Any installer that you consider when conducting solar company reviews should meet a few basic characteristics:


Your installer should have expertise in installing solar energy systems. Make sure any solar company you choose has a roofing license. Just walking on your roof can cause damage, so you need an expert. We train our installers in every facet of roofing and solar installation and we never use subcontractors. Everyone working on your home is an employee of Green Day Power. Experts only on your roof!

Track record and experience

Solar is a growing industry that attracts professionals from many backgrounds. Contractors that once focused on other types of projects are extending their practice into solar installation. When conducting solar reviews, make sure your installer has an established solar track record. A solar provider should be able to discuss and show you systems installed for previous clients.

Reputation in the market

Solar company reviews from past customers are great for evaluating installers, but they can be misleading. Customers providing ratings and reviews are unlikely to be a representative sample relevant to you. However, ratings and reviews can provide a check on bad behavior.

After ensuring the standards above, the question becomes how to choose a solar installer when you have multiple good options?

Workmanship warranties

Workmanship warranties are specific to the work of designing and constructing the solar energy system, and generally range from 1 to 10 years. While you can sometimes purchase a separate contract for the operation and maintenance of your solar panel system, in most cases, it is better to pay for an installation from a qualified installer with a solid workmanship warranty.

With the Green Day Power Forever Solar program, if you purchase your system from us and anything breaks, and it can be fixed, we will fix it free forever. You will be forever confident with the best warranties in the industry and you will be working with forever experts in both solar and roofing.

STEP 2: Review Each Company’s Financing Options

There are a few different ways to finance solar panels, including paying cash, taking out a loan, leasing, or entering a power purchase agreement (PPA). You will want to find out which options each company on your list offers and make note of it.


If you already know how you want to finance your panels, make sure any company you consider offers that option. If you are not sure which choice makes the most sense for your circumstances, focus on companies that provide multiple financing methods so you can consult with them to make your decision. If a company on your list does not offer your desired financing option, cross it off

STEP 3: Request a Quote

Most companies will schedule an appointment to see your property so they can accurately calculate prices. During this time, ask any questions still left unanswered, including the following.

Do you handle the permits my city and state require?

Based on my monthly energy usage, how many panels do I need?

Do you offer a warranty, and if so, what is included?

What is the process like if I wanted to take the next steps with your company?

After speaking with each company, did any one of them stand out as a clear winner? If so, congratulations—you found your solar provider! If not, you may want to make your decision based on whichever factor is most important to you, whether that’s price, customer ratings, or the level of service they offer.

A final factor to take into consideration is the actual installation process. A small construction project, installation normally takes one to two days. But there is a lot of work that goes into getting ready for it. Green Day Power will handle things like applications, permitting, rooftop surveys and other important duties including working with your homeowners’ association and dealing with your utility company. During all of this, a project manager should keep you up to date on the process.

Once the work is complete, an inspector from the utility or local electric authority must give permission to operate. After that, you are all set to start seeing the benefits of solar power.

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