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Generator Power & Impact on the Generator Industry

The towns and cities went dark; the mad dash to hardware stores ensued when
the first Public Safety Power Shutoff occurred on October 9th, 2019. Those 30
counties in California affected by the PG&E power outages had little time to
prepare for the mass blackout and even less choices.

In rural Amador and Calaveras Counties alone, the entire county, with the
exception of a couple small staging locations, went dark.

Those few who prepared had already invested in generators, while the others
resorted to nearby charging stations and stocking up on flashlights and
batteries, nonperishable prepared foods and blocks of ice to delay the inevitable
turn of their perishables. Others took their chances at the stores, with the first
lucky few snagging whatever generator they found find, leaving thousands more
traveling from town to town, city to city, county to county, driving an excess of
1-3 hours just to be informed that stores in their area were completely sold out.
These ongoing Public Safety Power Shutoffs, however, have proved to be
beneficial for the generator industry, reportedly leaving the industry’s top brands
backed up on installations for the upcoming months while thousands more
Californians consider their energy needs.

Power outages from utility companies can happen at any time…whether caused
by severe weather, for maintenance, due to an accident or part of a planned
outage, a backup generator can offer the comfort of electricity, even in a lessthan-
ideal situation. This inconvenience can be overridden, however – by
installing a generator in your home.

We rely on power every day: whether keeping foodstuff refrigerated, heating/air
conditioning the home, charging electronics, keeping time, cooking food, or
simply lighting a room.


Be prepared for the next planned outage with a home backup power generator,
keeping you and your family out of the dark. Green Day Power are partners and
licensed installers of Generac Home Generators, the #1 selling home standby
generator brand. We connect it to your existing LP or natural gas fuel supply,
and kicks in within seconds of sensing power loss and runs for as long as
necessary until utility power returns. Even if your utility company shuts off the
power, all the electrical outlets in your home will still work!

To learn more about Generac Home Generators, the #1 selling home standby
generator brand, or for a home generator quote, feel free to call Green Day
Power at 530-645-3609 or simply text the word Greenday to 818818.

~Contributed by Sarah Spinetta

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