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Do you ever wonder what type of energy solutions are right for you in your home?

We will help identify if things like solar, energy storage, or battery backup may be a good option for your home.                         

To first qualify with solar, some essential questions are the following: In California, are your energy bills above or below $150? This is a determining factor to help understand if solar even makes sense for you. Often times if your energy bill is below $150, solar is not financially a great decision for you. After that, you want to assess your roof and shade situation. How many big tall trees are going to hog all that sunlight from your solar panels? And your roof? How old are your shingles? Has the winter season done any damage? It’s important to assess your roof and shade before even considering solar!

Keep in mind though...

If you do qualify for solar and your roof is the only thing standing in your way, we are professionally licensed roofers! We can make your roof look even better than it did originally, but it’s very important to think about if your roof is ready for solar or may need a roof evaluation prior to any solar work. Not only do we offer solar, but we are a trusted partner of Generac.

Generac offers some of the best energy storage and battery backup solutions. Please look for our next blog that evaluates if the combination of solar and a storage or backup solution is right for you. Do you have an EV? Do you suffer from PG&E or SoCal Edison rolling blackouts? Solar and storage or battery backup may be the best combination for you and your family!


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