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Owner Seth Devey had a slightly different childhood than many of us. Seth grew up around construction sites, building homes with his Dad. “Hiring the wrong contractor can be a nightmare. Hiring the right contractor makes all the difference. “ – Seth Devey
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So it begins...
Our work keeps the Earth healthy, and our customers happy! We LOVE it here!

Seth understands what you want in a home contractor, and he put an incredible team together who thrive on his shared commitment to quality and homeowner happiness.

“We keep it simple and easy. Before any next step, we make sure everyone’s on the same page with time frames, costs and vision. Then we deliver what’s agreed on.”  

We are so proud of the team we’ve put together. Meet some of our team members through our YouTube videos!

Our four office locations throughout California

With more than 20 years of experience installing and servicing solar energy and home roofing, our mission is to be the best and fastest home energy company in California.

We service the communities we live in throughout California. This allows us to offer greater service to our customers because we are not so spread out. We’re usually just around the corner, or we’ll see our customers at the grocery store.

If we can’t save you money and you can’t see that it’s going to benefit you financially, then we won’t do it.

“My mission is to provide you clean energy alternatives that are less expensive than traditional energy suppliers. I believe you should have a choice where you get your power from. Before making any decision, I require that you and your family feel absolutely comfortable with the next steps and completely understand the financial breakdown of how renewable energy will save you money. And I only work with team members who share my values.” – Seth Devey

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This offer includes the federal tax credit.

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